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By - Hagen

TATE Tuesday | New TATE Stock: Children’s Books

We just got a shipment of new TATE children’s books! Read on to quickly get up to speed with the new publications. We’ll only be highlighting the most recent publications from the TATE Autumn Catalogue. If you want to see the other new stock, come visit us at the Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood.

Let’s dive into the super beautiful additions to our stock:

Bernard Makes A Splash is about swimming pool manager Bernard who secretly trains diving at night in order to compete at tournament. Will he work up the courage to participate though?

Double Trouble follows the twins Ellis and Erin who are looking for trouble everywhere but can’t seem to find it.

A statement against the consumerism of our times comes from The House Full of Stuff in which Mr. Duff collects and repairs broken things but is looked upon by his neighbours.

A look into space and mythology is conducted by How The Stars Came To Be with a beautiful story (and illustrations!) of how the night sky came to be.

Castle of Books paves the way for future book-lovers, asking the question: why do we need books?

Hide And Seek City lets you discover hidden elements within the book. Let’s see what you’ll find.

Meet The Artist: Frank Bowling enters the vivid world of artist Frank Bowling and lets you create your own inspiring art along the way. It is part of the wider Meet The Artist Series.

Last, but not least, The Arty Joke Book is here to sweeten every child’s day with puns most people wouldn’t dare to come up with. The perfect little side gift for Christmas.

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