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    Afro-Modern: Journeys through the Black Atlantic
    R320.00 inc. VAT

    In this comprehensive book, published to coincide with a groundbreaking Tate exhibition, leading scholars examine how “the Black Atlantic,” a key concept in post-colonial studies coined by British academic Paul Gilroy in 1993, applies to art, and in doing so confirms the centrality of artists of African descent to the formation of modernity.

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    Contemporary African Art
    R220.00 inc. VAT

    This critical history examines the major themes and accomplishments in African art since 1950, achieving an impressive balance between a critical re-examination of frequently discussed artists, groups and workshops and the introduction of less publicized or more recent works.

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    l’Afrique: A Tribute to Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel
    R250.00 inc. VAT

    l’Afrique: A Tribute to Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel celebrates the lives and work of two extraordinary personalities, Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel, who produced an important legacy in the field of African and South African art and artifacts.

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    Messages and Meaning: The MTN Art Collection
    R580.00 inc. VAT

    In September 1997 MTN, one of the leading cell phone companies in South Africa, made a modest purchase of artworks by South African artists. This marked the beginning of what was to become a major corporate collection of South African art, comprising some 1400 African and South African works. It has been energetically researched, traveled, exhibited, discussed, debated and admired. With this new book, the MTN Art Collection has come of age.

    Messages and Meaning aims to be an informative, diverse, and sumptuous read for years to come. The book was launched simultaneously to the first national touring exhibition of the MTN Art Collection in 2012.

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    Natural Fashion – Tribal Decoration from Africa
    R450.00 inc. VAT

    An unprecedented series of images showing the Omo people’s imaginative body decoration and embellishments.

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    Owusu-Ankomah – Movement to the Micron
    R400.00 inc. VAT

    Owusu-Ankomah’s charged paintings on canvas depict an alternate world wherein monumental human figures – his core motif – are shown moving within an ocean of signs that surround, support and, in fact, define them. The way in which these figures coexist and interact with various symbolic sets has developed through distinct phases over time, reflecting Owusu-Ankomah’s own journey of spiritual discovery.

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