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    A History of Photography. From 1839 to the Present
    R330.00 inc. VAT

    George Eastman’s career developed in a particularly American way. The founder of Kodak progressed from a delivery boy to one of the most important industrialists in American history, and a crucial innovator in photographic history. Eastman died in 1932, and left his house to the University of Rochester.

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    A Jacana Pocket History:The Soweto Uprising
    R130.00 inc. VAT

    The 1976 Soweto uprising represented a real turning point in South Africa’s history. Even to contemporaries it seemed to mark the beginning of the end of apartheid. It also brought into the political equation the role of youth, who were to play a vital role in the township revolts of the 1980s.

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    A Journey into Russia
    R230.00 inc. VAT

    Unveiling a portion of the world whose contradictions, attractions, and absurdities are still largely unknown to people outside its borders, A Journey into Russia is a much-needed glimpse into one of today’s most significant regions.

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    A Just Society
    R300.00 inc. VAT

    Drawing inspiration from the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a restorative justice body assembled in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid, Georgette created this provocative and moving series entitled “A Just Society”.

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    Art under Attack – Histories of British Iconoclasm
    R500.00 inc. VAT

    Published to accompany a major exhibition at Tate Britain, this fully illustrated catalogue explores the history of attacks on art in Britain, from the reformation of the sixteenth century to the present day, demonstrating how religious, political, moral and aesthetic controversy can become arenas for assaults on art.

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    Artist and Empire
    R660.00 inc. VAT

    Over the past thirty years, our ideas about the cultures of Empire have been transformed. Contemporary reflections on Empire by writers and artists are widely published and displayed, and museums have witnessed a growing number of exhibitions devoted to aspects of the rich and varied visual culture that emerged in places under British governance, from the Americas to India and Australasia. And yet, since the vast Imperial exhibitions of the early twentieth-century there has been no wide-ranging presentation of the objects made across the British Empire. This publication, which accompanies a major Tate Britain exhibition, fills that gap.

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    Black Sacrifice: The Sinking of the SS Mendi, 1917
    R250.00 inc. VAT

    Rev. Dr. Gladstone Sandi Baai (21 December 1942 to 15 August 2012) is the only African Historian to have written an interpretation of the sinking of the S.S. Mendi. In ‘Black Sacrifice’ the Reverend discusses the event and its resounding effects, starting before the First World War and ending with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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    Capitalist Nigger
    R160.00 inc. VAT

    This work excels as an explosive and jarring indictment of the Black Race. Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success (Timbuktu Publishers, September 17, 2000) asserts that the Black Race, is a consumer race and not a productive race.

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    Claudette Schreuders
    R600.00 inc. VAT

    This major monograph on the South African artist’s work of the last fifteen years highlights the powerful themes of isolation, alienation, and dislocation that characterize her sculptures. Claudette Schreuders creates carved and painted wooden figures that reflect the ambiguities of the search for a post-apartheid African identity.

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    Contemporary Chinese Art
    R350.00 inc. VAT

    From its underground genesis during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76), contemporary Chinese art has become a dynamic and hugely influential force in a globalized art world. In this first major introduction to the topic, Wu Hung provides an accessible, focused, and much-needed narrative of the development of Chinese art across all media from the 1970s to the 2000s, a time span characterized by radical social, political, and economic change in China.

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    Contemporary Drawing: From the 1960s to Now
    R440.00 inc. VAT

    This new study looks at three subjects: abstraction and drawing, how drawing came into its own when notions of art and the employment of media were radically challenged; drawing as narrative, borrowing and developing ideas on illustration, cartoon art, and the use of drawing with the moving image; and drawing as engagement, offering a visual description of our environment. Including work by artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, and Richard Serra, the book demonstrates that drawing is a popular, diverse, and ever-evolving medium.

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    Drawing People:The Human Figure in Contemporary Art
    R550.00 inc. VAT

    The act of drawing has long been considered the foundation of an artistic education, and the life class essential to the formation of an artists style and technique. Yet in the contemporary art world drawing is increasingly regarded as a medium in its own right, and the figure as a subject for ongoing exploration well beyond the sketchbook.

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    Edinburgh :A Cultural and Literacy History( Cities of the Imagination)
    R170.00 inc. VAT

    Home to the one of the world’s great arts festivals, the capital of Scotland is a city of contrasting moods and atmospheres. Rising from the volcanic ridge that runs from the Castle Rock to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh is a combination of living history and vibrant modernity.

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    Edward Burne-Jones
    R175.00 R125.00 inc. VAT

    A founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) was one of the leading artists in what is often referred to as the second generation of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Inspired by medieval. classical and biblical themes, Burne-Jones’s Paintings of graceful women, angels, gods and heroes, often in pensive poses or asleep, are dreamlike and intensely romantic.

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    Egypt Game Book:Egypt in the Time of the Pharaohs
    R385.00 inc. VAT

    What is inside a pyramid? Why did the Egyptians worship cats? Where did the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde in Paris come from? How can you tell apart the portraits of the pharaohs? What role did the Sphinx play in Egyptian life? What was a festival in Upper Egypt like? What did Nefertiti eat

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    Gauguin: Maker of Myth
    R300.00 inc. VAT

    French painter, sculptor and printmaker Paul Gauguin was born in Paris in 1848 and died in French Polynesia in 1903. The vivid, unnaturalistic colors and bold outlines of his paintings and the strong, semi-abstract quality of his woodcuts had a profound effect on the development of twentieth-century art. But while modern art largely shunned narrative, for Gauguin it remained central.

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    I Write What I Like – 40th anniversary edition
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    I Write What I Like features the writing of the famous activist and Black Consciousness leader, Steve Biko. Before his untimely death in detention at age 30, he was instrumental in uniting Black Africans in the struggle against the apartheid government in South Africa.

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    India: A Short History
    R360.00 inc. VAT

    In India: A Short History Andrew Robinson offers an incisive distillation of India’s uniquely diverse history, from the advanced cities of the early Indus Valley to India’s current incarnation as the world’s largest democracy.

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