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    A Biography of Herman Charles Bosman: Life Sentence

    Absorbing story of the life of the most famous white writer in South Africa of the first half of the Twentieth Century. Born in the Cape in 1905, schooled in Johannesburg and trained as a teacher, then sent to a backveld school the source for the stories in his bestselling Mafeking Road.

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    A black man called Sekoto

    img wiAlthough he left South Africa in the 1940s and never returned, Gerard Sekoto is regarded as one of this country’s foremost painters. In recent years, thanks to the exhoustive efforts of a number of his admirers, Sekoto’s work has once more been brought to the forefront of the consciousness of South African art lovers.dt

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    A Bush Buffet in the Land of Kachoo
    R90.00 inc. VAT

    Bushbaby sets off on a night-time adventure with two friends he picks up along the way, bush pig and bushbuck. But when they encounter a one-eyed leopard, bushbaby has to think quickly to make sure his new friends don’t become a bountiful leopard buffet.

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    A Cape Camera: The Architectural Beauty of the Old Cape

    Arthur Elliott was thirty years of age and of no settled profession when in 1900 he was given a quarter-plate camera as a present.

    Soon the main interest of this adventurous self-made American was recording the historic landmarks in Cape Town and its surroundings, with an unfailing eye for the essential that no photographer trying to capture the atmosphere of the old Cape has ever been able to equal.

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    A Century of Sundays

    In 2006, the Sunday Times celebrates 100 years as South Africa’s most successful newspaper. This book is a collection of articles and photographs that have appeared in its pages over those hundred years, and follows the stunning success of four commemorative supplements published in the newspaper. It is a record of how the newspaper covered big events, and little ones, since its first edition on 4 February 1906.

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  • A Chance Meeting – Intertwined Lives of American Writers and Artists
    A Chance Meeting – Intertwined Lives of American Writers and Artists
    R190.00 inc. VAT

    Each chapter of this inventive consideration of American culture evokes an actual meeting between American writers and artists.

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    A Decade of Democracy: Witnessing South Africa
    R400.00 inc. VAT
    A Decade of Democracy: Witnessing South Africa articulates the variety of strategies that South African artists use to connect their living history with its past. The framework is to allow for the works to create a conversation that explores the impact of apartheid witnessing the complexities and multitude of issues that South Africa is confronting today.
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    A Decade of Printmaking 1999 – 2009
    R300.00 inc. VAT

    A Decade of American Contemporary Prints: 1999-2009 provides an overview of a unique roaming survey exhibition of print projects published by The LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University over a 10-year period.

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    A Dog Day
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    A Fourfold Vision

    After treasuring the exeperience of having known Ralph Eugene Meatyard at the turn of the 1970s and then holding hs work in the highest esteem for the whole of my adult lide, it is a sobeing joy to revisit these spontaneous, imaginative and transcendent photographs again, thirty years later. Of course the world had changed and i have changed too, but the photographs themselves continue to speak to us of a world beyond the one we normally see.

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    A Free Mind
    R120.00 inc. VAT

    During his 26 years in jail Ahmed Kathrada refused to allow the apartheid regime to confine his mind

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    A Guide to the Architecture of Durban and Pietermaritzburg
    R140.00 inc. VAT

    This handsome pocket guide to the major buildings of Durban and Pietermaritzburg is the first of its kind available. Covering about 250 buildings of all styles and kinds, from the grand Edwardian city halls and stylish Art Deco apartment buildings to the gleaming office blocks of the 1990s and the community centres in the townships, the book offers an introduction to the architecture of the two major cities of KwaZulu-Natal.

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    A Hill of Fools
    R220.00 inc. VAT

    A Hill of Fools cleverly brings together a poetic and traditional story-telling style with the daunting challenges that contemporary Africa faces to create a compelling and memorable read that resonates with the complexity and beauty of Africa.

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