David Krut Bookstores in Johannesburg and New York, is the go-to site to buy art books in South Africa as well as the United States.

Our bookstores evolved from small visual art support venues to very busy interactive spaces connected to our art galleries and etching workshops. We may have started as a humble distribution point for our own publications - the TAXI Art Book Series and further titles on South African artists - but have expanded to offer a very wide range of titles on all aspects of creativity, important non-fiction and definitive knowledge titles.

Here we offer you a convenient online portal through which you can peruse and order any of our books. You will also find information on our events in Johannesburg and Cape Town which relate to our books, artists and our arts activities.

Although we love the ability to reach out as far as the web allows us to, along with the extra reach this gives our art books, we are still very appreciative of the quiet luxury of paging through exquisite books in our calm, relaxing bookstore venue surrounded by a tranquil garden. Please drop in to explore our shelves to see what we mean for yourself.

We are on a mission to support the arts, and especially arts literature that we are keen to share with you, and sure we that we will have a few valuable treasures to offer you.


David Krut Bookstore has selection of services.


151 Bookstore, situated at David Krut Bookstore in Parkwood. Our bookstores specialise in books on art and arts-related subjects as well as a range of other books (Online Shopping Available).


One Five One Digital, is an alternative print studio at David Krut Projects, Parkwood directed by Ricardo Fornoni. Our digital printing department is well equip with an EPSON printer and only the best paper for perfect image quality.


151 Framing Studio, situated at David Krut Bookstore in Parkwood, is our latest project into the exciting world of framing which promises a best-of-breed framing service to our clients.


151 Venue Hire, situated at David Krut Bookstore in Parkwood, allows you to hire the space for your own function.

Our unique bookstores specialise in books on art and arts-related subjects.


David Krut Bookstore encourages you to come through to 151 to experience the excitement of our book collection and reading space.

David Krut Bookstore

David Krut Bookstore, Johannesburg
151 Jan Smuts Avenue

+ 27 (0)11 880 5646

Bookstore Hours:
Monday  – Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday –  9am to 2pm



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