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David Krut Bookstores have a significant number of books in South Africa dedicated to local and international photography. A community of discerning artists, students, photographers and collectors has developed around the stores located in Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood, Arts On Main in downtown Johannesburg, and Montebello Design Centre  in Cape Town. These stores are the ideal locations from which to focus on learning more about the history of photography, to get a perspective on the ongoing expansion of the medium in the arts, and become part of the vibrant network of creative practitioners, enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


David Krut Projects’ first exhibition in Johannesburg was photography based. Subsequent exhibitions have centred on works on paper, especially from the etching studio which has become a core focus at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg, while photography has been encouraged through book publications and books in the dedicated arts bookstores with a focus on South African arts and culture.

Since the 1980s artists have been prominently incorporating photography into their art and dedicated photographer’s work attract increasing attention. Photography was incorporated into university arts education and the work of David Goldblatt, the great veteran of the medium, led the way for many other photographers and photo-journalists in South Africa.

In 2000 David Krut Publishing initiated the TAXI Art Books, a series of monographs on South African artists which includes perspectives on both fine artists, and photographers such as Lien Botha, Santu Mofokeng, Jo Ractliffe, as well as images capturing performance work by the likes of Steven Cohen. Exhibitions by photographers are presented at the project space including Dale Yudelman, Santu Mofokeng and Paul Weinberg, Justin Fox and Patrick De Mervelec and artists using the digital medium such as Alastair Whitton, and Stephen Hobbs.

In the viewfinder

In 1976, Gary Schneider graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art and left South Africa to live in New York where he has created a substantial body of photographs.


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