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Browse through our bookshop by using the buttons under the ‘Browse and buy our books’ heading on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific title, enter that title or a relevant search term in the search field beneath these buttons and click on the search button.

If you are viewing a list of books, you can click on each title, or the ‘Read more »’ link, to view the full details of that particular publication.

The availability of all books cannot be guaranteed.

If there is a book you are looking for and can’t find it on our site, please contact us, and we will do our utmost to get the book for you.

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The shopping basket is a useful temporary container for books you are interested in; you can still change your mind about these! Each time you click on the ‘Add to…’ button you will be taken to a view of whatever items are currently in your basket, beneath which the cost of shipping is calculated and displayed. If you would like to see the contents of your basket without adding a book to the basket, you can click on the ‘See the items in your basket’ link in the top right section of the browsing pages.

You now have the choice to either continue browsing, modify your order, or proceed to the check-out process where we will confidentially take your billing and shipping details as well as arrange payment.


Please note; shipping prices quoted are for South African postal destinations only (R50 per book). We will dispatch your order as soon as we have verified payment.

If you require shipping to an international address (via our New York office) please contact us, either telephonically or by email, for a individually tailored quotation.


When you proceed to check out, you will be required to enter billing address and shipping address – if this is not the same as your billing address. We then transfer this information along with a record of the contents of your shopping basket to our permanent transaction database. An invoice will be generated, copies of which will be displayed in your browser as well as emailed to the email address you specify. Please pay the amount stated on this invoice as ‘final total’ into the specified bank account, either via electronic transfer or manual deposit and send us proof of payment at the destinations listed below our bank details. We will dispatch your order as soon as we have verified the payment.


During browsing the system identifies you by your browser’s ‘session’, this means that if you close your browser your basket and its meticulously selected contents will disappear into a untraceable puff of cyber dust. Only once you enter the checkout process do we require and record your personal information.

Privacy policy:

We do not gather or use any credit card information for online transactions and we also adhere to a strict privacy policy. We respect your privacy and will not make your personal or browsing information available to anyone else, nor will we use it for any purpose other than the efficient and timely fulfilment of your order.

Continue browsing:

If you are looking at your basket‘s contents, and have not modified any quantities or deleted any items, you can simply click on your browser’s back button to continue browsing from where you left of. If you have made changes it is best to use the ‘Browse and buy…’ buttons or search field on the left side of the screen, to return into the virtual shelves of our bookshop.

Modifying your order:

Many of our books make for brilliant gifts, in a case you want to purchase more than a single book, while viewing your basket, you can change the quantity of individual titles (but we recommend you do this just before proceeding to the checkout step) by entering the appropriate number under the ‘Quantity’ column and then clicking on the ‘Change’ button immediately following that field.

To remove a title from your basket, while viewing your basket simply click the ‘Delete Item’ button to the far right of the row containing the ill-fated title, and it will be removed (no questions asked, no dirty looks, promise…).

Order Checkout:

Once you are satisfied with the contents of your shopping basket, clicking on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ will take you to the first of three steps that will finalise your transaction:

  • Step 1 – Please enter billing and shipping address information here and when complete click on “Proceed to next step’ at the bottom of the screen. (see our Privacy policy)
  • Step 2 – Please verify the accuracy of your order , and if correct click ‘Send Order’ alternatively click on ‘Make changes’ should there be a need to change something. (Which will require repeating Step 1 for security purposes)
  • Step 3 – An invoice will be generated which you can print out – while a copy is being sent to the email address you supplied, please effect payment of the final total due into the bank account specified, and send a record of this payment to us as described under payment.

Visit us in person, the good old-fashioned alternative…

If you are ever in Johannesburg, please consider yourself personally invited to come and visit us in person at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, just down the road from the Rosebank Mall where we can also point you to some interesting and important art establishments in the vicinity. What you will find behind our doors is a uniquely intimate and friendly space including our bookshop, with art on the walls, and the colourful array of Hadeda’s imports from Central and South America. Across the road is our art gallery at 142 Jan Smuts Ave, where exciting exhibitions of works, most of which are produced in the print making studio. We enjoy and appreciate being part of a vibrant creative community on the Jan Smuts strip in Parkwood, who appreciate artistic excellence and pursue meaningful engagement with the unique world space we inhabit.

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