We stock a wide range of African authors and books about the African content, from travel to politics.

We stock books about architecture styles, methodologies and histories, along with books about specific architects.

We stock biographies ranging from historical and contemporary artists and creative, including biographies on various other people of instrest.

We stock children's books that suite all ages, ranging from picture books, story books and activity books. We also have a range of children's books in various African languages.

We stock book on various film and cinema theory, including the making of films and filmmakers methodologies.

We stock a wide range of collectable books, which includes both reference books and coffee table books across a variety of subject matters.

We stock a range of our own publications, which includes artist monographs, exhibition catalogues and educational material.

We stock design reference and hand-books, including books on graphic design, animation and interior design.

We stock a wide range of reference and educational material in all creative fields.

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We stock a range of fine art reference books,  handbooks and manual to help every artist.

We stock a variety of history focused books which includes artist monographs, art reference books and books on historical and political figures.

We stock lifestyle books which include interior design, cookbooks and ways of living and popular culture.

We stock a selection of fiction and non-fiction literature and biographies on various authors.

We stock a range of books on the performing arts including theatre, cinema and performance as an art form.

We stock a selection of collectable photography books by both local and international photographers.

We stock a selection of locally published poetry collections and anthologies.

We stock a range of books on political figures and events.

We stock a wide range of books with a South African subject matter include books on South African artists. books by South African writers and books published by South African publishers.

We stock a range of Tate Publications from children's books to artist monographs. We are one of the main Tate distributors in South Africa.

We stock a variety of Thames and Hudson Publications, ranging from children's books, design reference books, coffee table books and artist monographs.

We stock a variety of Travel books that focus on a range of locations all over the world

We stock a wide range of collectable books about South African artist William Kentridge.