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By - Hagen

Word Art: Preview – The Dada Spirit by Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais

In this episode, German intern Hagen Gersie talks about the latest book he’s read from our bookstore – The Dada Spirit by Emmanuelle De L’Ecotais. Take a listen as Hagen beautifully recites a sound poem by Hugo Ball titled ‘Karawane’. A sound poem essentially combines literary and musical composition to emphasize the central role of human speech in the reading or recitation of text. Hagen and Mthabisi discuss the core idea of the book which is that because of the diversity of Dada creations, the movement is not an “ism” of the art world: there is no Dada “style,” although a single spirit does govern the works of this movement, which is at once anti-conformist, anti-bourgeois and, above all, anti-artistic.

The David Krut Podcast is a production of David Krut Projects. Hosted by Mthabisi Sithole and produced by Hagen Gersie.

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