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By - Elize de Beer

Word Art E02 and E03 | Poetry Reading by Douglas Reid Skinner

Renowned Poet Doulas Reid Skinner Reading With Liminal and the Cover Artwork

The renowned South African poet Douglas Reid Skinner reads from his newest anthology Liminal and a previous collection titled Blue Rivers. This seventh collection from one of South African poetry’s underappreciated master is possibly his best. Metatextual, meticulous and steeped deeply in sentiment. Liminal is an exquisite and at times startling rumination on lives lived, loves loved and writings written. The recording was taken at David Krut Projects Cape Town at the launch of the anthology. David Krut Projects Cape Town is a gallery, boutique bookstore and a resource of free cultural events. Editing by Augusta Wicht

Renowned Poet Doulas Reid Skinner

View of Guests Including Literary Critic Joan Hambidge

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