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David Krut Arts is committed to promoting the awareness of contemporary South African art and encouraging professional skills in writing, the creation of art and arts administration. TAXI Art Education Programme (TAEP) is an outreach prgramme that brings these ideals to children who have limited access to art education. TAEP was introduced in 2005 as an extension of the TAXI Educational Supplements, which accompany the TAXI Art Books and were offered for free to art teachers at under-resourced schools. Over the years, TAEP has comprised of a small group of people who actively infiltrate schools, community initiatives and disadvantaged neighbourhoods in order to promote an understanding of, and skills in, creative communication. Classes teaching basic visual art skills, music and drumming, drama and movement, were held around Johannesburg and Soweto.

TAXI Art Books

The first major series of monographs on contemporary South African artists by a South African publisher, the TAXI Art Books have become an invaluable resource to educators and individuals both in South Africa and abroad. As examples of South African art history in the making, the full collection of TAXI Art Books can be valued as a collector’s item.

Artists included in the set are Paul Stopforth, Mmakgabo Sebidi, Diane Victor, Sandile Zulu, Willem Boshoff, Deborah Bell, Kagiso Pat Mautloa, Steven Cohen, Noria Mabasa, David Koloane, Lien Botha, Santu Mofokeng, Jeremy Wafer, Samson Mudzunga and Jo Ractliffe.

Many of the books in the TAXI Art Book series are unfortunately no longer available as singles. These titles are TAXI-001 Jo Ractliffe, TAXI-002 Samson Mudzunga, TAXI-004 Santu Mofokeng, TAXI-005 Lien Botha, TAXI-007 Noria Mababsa, TAXI-008 Steven Cohen, TAXI-009 Kagiso Pat Mautloa, TAXI-011 Willem Boshoff, TAXI-013 Diane Victor.

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