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By - Hagen

TATE Tuesday | What Is TATE Tuesday?

When I started my internship 14 weeks ago, I was overwhelmed. I had never strayed into the arts world before but now I was in the middle of it – at least from my point of view. I had heard about printmaking before, I also had heard about different art movements before; but only as one hears about things from distance and can barely sort them into the right ‘genre’.

Suddenly, though, I was surrounded by all this arts knowledge: art terms I didn’t even know how to spell, much less have any idea about what they mean; art movements I hadn’t heard about, ones I didn’t know what they were all about; and then all the artists, that arts insiders seem to know all about and like to let their names drop in conversation, I had never heard about or wouldn’t know what their specific style and work process was.

I grew into and accustomed to my surroundings and while I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on arts yet, I definitely jumped light-years ahead in my knowledge.

What I learned most, though, was not the knowledge itself but rather the knowing of its importance. In a world that gets more connected by the day, understanding the links between actors, understanding the history that binds them, basically, understanding the connection itself may be more important than knowing about the actors themselves. Of course, if you learn about the links you learn about the actors.

In that sense I learned why it is important to have a broad sense of art history. To be able to put a specific artist or artwork into their historical place is of great importance if you want to fully grasp the meaning, connectivity and continuity of – not only – art.

Introducing TATE Tuesday

It is with this idea in mind that we at David Krut Bookstore have set out to do TATE Tuesdays. Why TATE?

TATE Modern is Britain’s national gallery of international modern art. Besides the collections on display (since 1900) TATE also has major temporary exhibitions and a huge publishing body. TATE Modern is situated in the former Bankside Power Station in the London borough Southwark. TATE publishes not only exhibition catalogues, but also a wide range of beautifully illustrated children’s books and a focus on art history and artist monographs.

We aim to bring you closer to understanding the arts world. That could mean: better understanding the myriad of art terms (done with highlighting the TATE Guide to Modern Art Terms for example), a better understanding of a specific art epoch or art movement or about all of them (stay tuned in the coming weeks) or a better understanding about one artist’s work and their place in the whole spectrum.

Join us on this journey of learning as we begin to make better sense of the (art) world with the help of TATE.

If you want to get the full experience, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@davidkrutbookstore). Also, browse our website and come visit us at our bookstore location: The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood.

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