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TATE Art in a Box | Children’s DO-IT-AT-HOME Activity Cards

Keep your children’s creative juices flowing with Tate Publishing’s wonderful interactive Art in a Box

Art in a Box is an ideal way of introducing children to the world of art and encouraging them to use their own artistic creativity. Ideal for children’s entertainment at home or as a resource for teachers in the classroom, ‘Art in a Box’ contains twenty A5 cards each depicting a work from Tate’s collection, with a range of related art activities detailed on the reverse including painting, collage, textile, photography and sculpture.

Sarah is an artist, a teacher and an educational consultant and is a visiting lecturer at Goldsmith’s College and the Institute of Education. Drawing on her extensive experience in the classroom she has developed ‘Art in a Box’ as a tool to inspire children about art and to get them making their own

Each card features a full colour image of an art work with activity notes on the back. The notes encourage children to notice details about the art work, and then gives them clear instructions on how to make their own work of art in a similar vein. Artists featured include Picasso, Hepworth, Ofili, Moore, Klee, Pollock, Blake and Gilbert & George

Contains: 20 colour a5 cards, glossary of key terms, practical tips, colour wheel

A number of the activity cards, with instructions can be found and followed below. We hope this helps you and your children to stay creative and having fun at home. This blog post will be updated weekly with new activity cards, so stay tuned!


We want to see your creations! Please send us photographs of your completed activities to, or on Instagram and Facebook so we can share it with the world.

Art in a Box is the winner of the 2006 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award




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