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    This delightful illustrated anthology includes a selection of the many poems, anecdotes and quotations about cats, which have been written over the centuries.

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    Master Drawings Close -Up
    R300.00 inc. VAT

    The purpose of this volume is to introduce the reader to the pleasure of looking at master drawings. Through forty-five spectacular works of art, each shown in full and with an enlarged detail, the book simulates the experience of looking at a drawing through a magnifying glass: we can see the techniques and materials used and get close to the artist’s creativity.

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    Picasso Prints: The Vollard Suite
    R600.00 inc. VAT

    Published to accompany the exhibition at the British Museum in 2012 with a preface from Neil MacGregor, this remarkable book explores Picasso’s most important group of etchings, the Vollard Suite.

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    Prints and Printmaking: An Introduction to the History and Techniques
    R260.00 inc. VAT

    A print is a pictorial image that has been produced by a process that enables it to be multiplied, and many of the best-known works by some of the world’s greatest artists are prints.

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