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    Love, Crime and Johannesburg: A Musical
    R80.00 inc. VAT

    ‘Why bother to rob a bank, when you can own a bank?’ asked Bertold Brecht. The question is reiterated in the very Brechtian Love, Crime and Johannesburg, the story of Jimmy ‘Long Legs’ Mangane and the trouble he gets into in the new South Africa. Jimmy, a people’s poet involved in the struggle, is accused of robbing a bank. He passionately asserts his innocence, claiming to work for the ‘secret secret service’.

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    Missing: A Play
    R150.00 inc. VAT

    Missing is the story of Robert Khalipa , an ANC Cadre living in exile, who is very senior in the Organisation but is left out of the negotiations and almost forgotten in Sweden.

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    My Children! My Africa!, and Selected Shorter Plays
    R85.00 inc. VAT

    In his introduction to this collection, Stephen Gray states that ‘there can be no artistic grounds on which to uphold a belief that “short” implies “lesser”‘; he goes on to make the point that ‘Fugard seems naturally to be most at ease when working in compact dense forms’.

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    My life & Valley Song
    R150.00 inc. VAT

    My Life is based on the diaries of five South African girls who were growing into womanhood in 1994

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    The Puppet Show
    R350.00 inc. VAT

    At first glance, The Puppet Show seems a flip title. Organized by Philadelphia ICA Senior Curator Ingrid Schaffner and Carin Kuoni, this exhibition catalogue focuses – with both humor and gravity – on the surprisingly prodigious amount of puppet imagery in contemporary art. It takes as its historic point of departure one of the first episodes of avant-garde art history.

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