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  • Art in a Box
    Art in a Box
    R330.00 inc. VAT

    20 activity cards for children based on works from Tate.

    This new edition of the hugely successful Art in a Box is an ideal way of introducing children to the world of art and encouraging them to use their own artistic creativity. Ideal for children’s entertainment at home or as a resource for teachers in the classroom, Art in a Box contains twenty A5 cards each depicting a work from Tate’s collection, with a range of related art activities detailed on the reverse including painting, collage, textile, photography and sculpture.

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  • Cut Out and Make Menagerie
    Cut Out and Make Menagerie
    R290.00 inc. VAT

    Twelve cardboard animals for you to cut out and make!

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  • The Art Game – Artists’ Trump Cards
    The Art Game – Artists’ Trump Cards
    R165.00 inc. VAT

    An entertaining art game for children of all ages!

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