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    A Decade of Democracy: Witnessing South Africa
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    A Decade of Democracy: Witnessing South Africa articulates the variety of strategies that South African artists use to connect their living history with its past. The framework is to allow for the works to create a conversation that explores the impact of apartheid witnessing the complexities and multitude of issues that South Africa is confronting today.
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    Life Under Democracy

    Featuring images that capture South Africa’s status after 18 years of liberation, this collection of photographs includes personal daily reflections as well as more deliberate excursions that present democratic life in the republic. As the photographer returns to the areas he shot in the 1980s and visits some of the people and places previously photographed during apartheid, this book offers a sense of how much has changed and, in some cases, how much has remained the same. Often utilizing an iPhone camera as a means of discourse, this fascinating account focuses on the subject of social change.

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