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    Chakaia Booker – “Print Me”
    R200.00 inc. VAT

    David Krut Projects is pleased to present Print Me, the first exhibition dedicated to Chakaia Booker’s prints. Booker began collaborating with Master Printer, Phil Sanders, of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in 2009, and has created over 100 unique prints to date.

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    David Goldblatt Intersections Intersected
    R700.00 inc. VAT

    Intersections Intersected for the first time presents in print carefully constructed pairings of images that were taken before and after the South African watershed.

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    Deborah Bell’s Alchemy
    R150.00 inc. VAT

    Deborah Bell’s Alchemy was launched to coincide with Deborah Bell’s second solo exhibition at David Krut Projects, Collaborations II, which opened in 2010.

    The catalogue tracks the evolution of Bell’s art over the last ten years of collaboration with David Krut Workshop (DKW). The text was taken from a series of conversations between Bell and David Krut.

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    Figuring Faith – Images of Belief in Africa
    R400.00 inc. VAT

    Figuring Faith seeks to understand how faith and art intersect in the African context. It sheds light on the ways in which art explicates, exemplifies and challenges beliefs and rituals, and brings new insights to our understanding of art’s relationship to the human desire for transcendence.

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    Francois Krige – Centenary (Catalogue)
    R100.00 inc. VAT

    2013 marked the centenary of the birth of Francois Krige (1913-1994). David Krut Projects celebrated the occasion with an exhibition of his work curated by Justin Fox, nephew of the artist and authority on his life and art. In addition to self-portraits spanning Krige’s career, the exhibition presents a selection of significant works on paper over six decades.

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    Gary Schneider – Skin Exhibition Catalogue
    R100.00 inc. VAT

    To accompany Gary Schneider’s exhibition, Skin, at David Krut Projects in 2011, a catalogue was produced in which Kate McCrickard addresses Schneider’s methods and techniques. It is a valuable resource towards understanding the photographer’s work.

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  • Stephen Hobbs: Be Careful In The Working Radius
    Stephen Hobbs: Be Careful In The Working Radius
    R100.00 inc. VAT

    The catalogue, “Be Careful In The Working Radius, was printed alongside the namesake exhibition. This exhibition is the culmination of the most recent work Stephen Hobbs has been making at DKW.

    Early in his career, Stephen Hobbs recognised the need to develop his practice across the disciplines of artistic production, curatorial practice and cultural management. Through committed urban investigation and experimentation, focused primarily on Johannesburg since 1994, he has sustained a dialogue with urban space through video, installation, curated projects, photography and sculpture.

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    The Other Half: Past and Future Now
    R100.00 inc. VAT

    The catalogue to Michael MacGarry’s exhibition The Other Half: Past and Future Now features images of individual works and installation views, and was designed by the artist.

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    William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time
    R1,400.00 inc. VAT

    The Refusal of Time combines music, readings, dance, chants, videos, drawings and performance and brings Kentridge’s questioning of the notion of time to the stage. Echoing this theatrical performance that is constantly evolving, the book is a mise en abyme: it presents highlights from the show, drawings that were especially produced by the artist for the book, many sketches and study notebooks, all of the texts read during the performance, as well as interviews with Peter Galison and images from the workshop.

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