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    l’Afrique: A Tribute to Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel
    R250.00 inc. VAT

    l’Afrique: A Tribute to Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel celebrates the lives and work of two extraordinary personalities, Maria Stein-Lessing and Leopold Spiegel, who produced an important legacy in the field of African and South African art and artifacts.

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    Natural Fashion – Tribal Decoration from Africa
    R450.00 inc. VAT

    An unprecedented series of images showing the Omo people’s imaginative body decoration and embellishments.

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    Owusu-Ankomah – Movement to the Micron
    R400.00 inc. VAT

    Owusu-Ankomah’s charged paintings on canvas depict an alternate world wherein monumental human figures – his core motif – are shown moving within an ocean of signs that surround, support and, in fact, define them. The way in which these figures coexist and interact with various symbolic sets has developed through distinct phases over time, reflecting Owusu-Ankomah’s own journey of spiritual discovery.

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    The Passion of the Western Mind
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    We may be seeing the beginnings of the reintegration of our culture, a new possibility of the unity of consciousness. If so, it will not be on the basis of any new orthodoxy, either religious or scientific. Such a new integration will be based on the rejection of all univocal understandings of reality, of all identifications of one conception of reality with reality itself.

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    The World That Made Mandela
    R525.00 inc. VAT

    The World That Made Mandela: A Heritage Trail – 70 Sites of Significance

    Luli Callinicos, one of South Africa’s eminent historians, has created an extraordinary documentary of a book in which geography and history blend, and the collective life and image of a nation is focused through the life of one individual – Nelson Mandela.

    Using a thousand images of past and present, The World That Made Mandela moves from rural villages to the hectic metropolis, from Districy Six to Robben Island. Tracing his footsteps through sites of public struggle and private development, it illuminates many hidden spaces in our history, while casting new light on the familiar.

    South Africans will find The World That Made Mandela a rich reflection of their cultural and political heritage, and visitors to the country will discover in it the faces of our past and our people.

    “This fine book brings to light our living history. Here are the people and events of our past, commemorated in the places that map the pathway to our country’s liberation.” – Nelson Mandela

    “Every South African should read this book.” – Walter Sisulu

    “Greatness is inborn. But it is what it makes of the time, place and circumstances with which and in which it develops that it is manifest. Luli Callinicos has done something prodigious. The World That Made Mandela is a stunningly fascinating book, on a level high above hagiography, graphic – in both rare photographs and informative text – a fulfilling experience of the exaltation and tragedy by which history, in the hands of greatness, moves on, and leaves its traces for us to visit in sites and landscapes.” – Nadine Gordimer

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    Women Writing Africa: The Southern Region
    R265.00 inc. VAT

    The product of a decade of research, this landmark collection is the first of four volumes in the Women Writing Africa Project, which seeks to document and map the extraordinary and diverse landscape of African women’s oral and written literatures. Presenting voices rarely heard outside Africa, some recorded as early as the mid-nineteenth century, as well as rediscovered gems by such well-known authors as Bessie Head and Doris Lessing, this volume reveals a living cultural legacy that will revolutionize the understanding of African women’s literary and cultural production.

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    Zulu Identities: Being Zulu, Past and Present
    R305.00 inc. VAT

    What does it mean to be Zulu today? Is this different from what it has meant in the past? Zulu Identities wrestles with these and many other related questions to show how the characteristic traditions of a pre-industrial people have evolved into different cultural expressions of “Zulu-ness” in modern South Africa.

    This unique volume examines the legacies of Shaka, the intrigues of Zulu royalty, gender and generational struggles, cultural and symbolic projections, and spirituality. It highlights the debates in contemporary South Africa over the manipulation of Zulu heritage, whether deployed for party political purposes or exploited to promote eco- and battlefield-tourism. And finally the book contemplates the future of Zulu identity in a unitary South Africa seeking to embrace the forces of globalisation.

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