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    Youth2Youth :30 Years After Soweto ’76
    R160.00 inc. VAT

    Youth2Youth: 30 Years after Soweto ’76 was conceived by Pallo Jordan, the Minister of Arts and Culture, in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Soweto student uprising. Young photographers from four provinces were asked to photograph their peers, and the results are extraordinary:

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    Zander Blom: The Travels of Bad

    Zander Blom was born in Pretoria in 1982 and currently lives in Johannesburg. Working as an artist since 2002, Blom’s physical output includes painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and photography (primarily as a means to document the development of his physical works).

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    “The Travels of Bad” documents the travels of an idealist Machiavellian hero, guitar in hand, on a crusade to revitalise the arts of the culture capital of the world. Fuelled by equal measures of blind optimism and hedonism, the search for new ideas and exotic flavours takes our hero to a fictional paradise setting where this bizarre satirical action tragedy literally starts to unravel.

    The Travels of Bad comprises a 48-page mini-novella with 17 photographic works and a 17-track album soundtrack. The exhibition includes a selection of sculptures and merchandise.

    The works will also feature prominently at the JoBurg Art Fair from 3-5 April 2009 at the Rooke Gallery stand and the exhibition will travel to WhatIfTheWorld/Gallery in Cape Town to open on 27 May 2009 and close on 27 June 2009.

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    Zanele Muholi – Hail the Dark Lioness

    Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness is the long-awaited monograph from one of the most powerful visual activists of our time. The book features over ninety of Muholi’s evocative self-portraits, each image drafted from material props in Muholi’s immediate environment. A powerfully arresting collection of work, Muholi’s radical statements of identity, race, and resistance are a direct response to contemporary and historical racisms.

    With more than twenty written contributions from curators, poets, and authors, alongside luxurious tritone reproductions of Muholi’s images, Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness is as much a manifesto of resistance as it is an autobiographical, artistic statement.

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    Zapiro – My Big Fat Gupta Wedding
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    Zapiro needs no introduction. His eighteenth annual speaks for itself

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    Zapiro: Do You Know Who I Am?!
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    One of the most brilliant political cartoonists in the world” – John Pilger

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    Zooming in on Zulu
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    This is an up-to-date and easy-to-use phrasebook that will have you communicating in Zulu in no time! Arranged by subject, it supplies a range of questions you may want to ask in Zulu, and the answers you may be given, for most occasions – from exchanging greetings to buying arts and crafts, asking directions, ordering food and talking about the weather. This is an excellent resource for visitors to South Africa as well as non-Zulu-speaking South Africans.

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    Zulu Identities: Being Zulu, Past and Present
    R305.00 inc. VAT

    What does it mean to be Zulu today? Is this different from what it has meant in the past? Zulu Identities wrestles with these and many other related questions to show how the characteristic traditions of a pre-industrial people have evolved into different cultural expressions of “Zulu-ness” in modern South Africa.

    This unique volume examines the legacies of Shaka, the intrigues of Zulu royalty, gender and generational struggles, cultural and symbolic projections, and spirituality. It highlights the debates in contemporary South Africa over the manipulation of Zulu heritage, whether deployed for party political purposes or exploited to promote eco- and battlefield-tourism. And finally the book contemplates the future of Zulu identity in a unitary South Africa seeking to embrace the forces of globalisation.

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    Zunami!: The 2009 South African Elections
    R180.00 inc. VAT

    Analyzing the South African general elections of April 2009, the voting trends and results, this investigation also ponders the future prospects for South Africa. Those elections were the most momentous and important for a democratic Parliament since the “miracle” elections in 1994.

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    Zwelethu Mthethwa
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