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    Ardmore – We Are Because of Others
    R900.00 inc. VAT

    Ardmore – We Are Because of Others tells the extraordinary story of this famous studio – from its humble beginnings in a poverty-stricken corner of South Africa to its fame as a producer of exceptional and irresistible objets d’art prized by collectors, galleries and museums throughout the world. It is also the story of the indomitable Fée Halsted who is the driving force behind the enterprise, and the artists whose inventive spirit and fearless creativity are at the heart of

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    Decade of Design – from the office of mathews + associates architects cc
    R210.00 inc. VAT

    With text by Diane De Beer, Decade Of Design is a visual journey celebrating the past 10 years of architecture and design by the firm Mathews & Associates Architects, presented in a hardcover coffee table book.

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    Dijo – My Food, My Journey
    R350.00 inc. VAT

    Divided into three sections that span his food journey, Dijo is an affirmation of South African cuisine, its heritage and its unique flavours. Readers will go on a journey through the simplest yet most-loved of township dishes, to the more complex fine-dining molecular gastronomy creations he has become known for. It truly is a reflection of his life lived through food.

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  • Enchanted Forest – An Inky Quest
    Enchanted Forest – An Inky Quest
    R250.00 inc. VAT

    This stunning new colouring book by Johanna Basford takes readers on a inky quest through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle at its heart. As well as drawings to complete, colour and embellish, there are hidden objects to be found along the way including wild flowers, animals and birds, gems, lanterns, keys and treasure chests. Beginning at the entrance to the forest, the journey progresses through woodland, rocky caves and tree-lined mazes, over streams and a waterfall, across the tree tops, to finally reach the castle.

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  • Fire Walker
    Fire Walker
    R500.00 inc. VAT

    Far more than being about a single artwork, this book participates in the myriad conversations and debates on the meaning of public art. The essays prise open critical questions about public space in Johannesburg; Oliver Barstow’s interviews with the various collaborators on the sculpture reveal the complexities and challenges of creating such a massive work in so short a time; and the images by John Hodgkiss of the making of the sculpture, alongside two photo essays suggest the metaphorical power of Fire Walker as well as the fragile hold of street vendors over their small share of city space.

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    Franschhoek: South African Winelands
    R380.00 inc. VAT

    A beautiful, full colour coffee table book embracing the rich vineyards and vintners of South Africa in the Franschhoek region of the Western Cape, South Africa.

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  • I love you I hate you
    I love you I hate you
    R440.00 inc. VAT

    I love you I hate you is a book about Johannesburg told in two parts.

    The first is told through design. The second part is told through the essays of 34 writers describing a complicated relationship with Johannesburg.

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    In the Spirit of Beverly Hills
    R480.00 inc. VAT

    With its dreamy mansions , sophisticated residents ,world -renowned shopping,and legendary haunts,Beverly Hills is the epitome of luxury wealth, and beauty.Originally established as a private residential community in the early twentieth century,

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  • Kara Walker
    Kara Walker
    R400.00 inc. VAT

    This book features the early drawings and small clay models made by the artist as well a striking views of the final installation. Walker’s figures derive from an array of art historical, literary and cultural sources, illustrated here in a separate section designed by the artist, who also contributes an eloquent description of the project. The curator Clara Kim provides insights into the motivations for the new commission, while the celebrated author Zadie Smith explores key moments in Walker’s career leading up to the extraordinary new work.


    Please note that the image used here is used as a visual guide only, and is not the final cover image for the book.

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    Le Corbusier, Le Grand (box set)
    R3,600.00 inc. VAT

    This slip-cased, oversized book, weighing 20 pounds and containsing over 2000 illustrations, summarizes the life and work of the most important modern architect of the 20th century: the legendary, controversial, and confrontational Le Corbusier.

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    Rise and Fall of Apartheid
    R500.00 inc. VAT

    Featuring some of the most iconic images of our time, this unique combination of photojournalism and commentary offers a probing and comprehensive exploration of the birth, evolution, and demise of apartheid in South Africa.

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    The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an a Temporal World
    R600.00 inc. VAT

    The Forever Now presents paintings by seventeen artists whose singular approaches are characteristic of our cultural moment in refusing to allow us to define, or even meter our time by them. This tendency was first identified by the science-fiction writer William Gibson, who used the term “atemporality” to describe a cultural product that doesn’t represent—through its style, its content, or its medium—the time from which it comes. Atemporality, or timelessness, manifests itself in painting as both a profligate mixing of past styles and genres and also a radical paring down of visual language to the most archetypal forms.

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    The Rolling Stones 50
    R400.00 inc. VAT

    This is our story of fifty fantastic years. We started out as a blues band playing the clubs and more recently we've filled the largest stadiums in the world with the kind of show that none of us could have imagined all those years ago.

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    William Kentridge – Fortuna
    R1,050.00 inc. VAT

    This, the first major monograph on the widely acclaimed South African artist William Kentridge brings together nearly two hundred of his works made between 1989 and 2012. Exploring Kentridge’s diverse expressions across a wide range of media, from film and video to sculpture, design, drawing, and printmaking, the book is lavishly illustrated with more than 2,000 images.

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