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The Stanford Creative Works Project, based in Stanford in the Western Cape, promotes a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment for children and young adults to explore their creative potential. The Stanford Creative Works Projects is a community based, 

not-for-profit organisation founded on the belief that access to quality art and cultural education for all people is fundamental for the growth of healthy, wholesome and aware individuals and communities.  Read More


DK Arts is committed to promoting the awareness of contemporary South African art and encouraging professional skills in writing, the creation of art and arts administration and to promoting an understanding of, and skills in, creative communication. We are also dedicated to providing support for

 arts educators. To this end, we run various programmes including internship opportunities, a teacher support and library-building service, the Stanford Creative Works outreach programme for early childhood development, and regular educational events at our venues in Johannesburg. Read More


Khosi Radebe has initiated an early childhood and arts mentoring sessions every Saturday in Soweto. It is an open day for children and parents in her own neighborhood.

On the 21st March 2019 Khulisa had a successful open day, where both parents and children understand the significance of extra murals and arts. 

The open day included a series of creative activities, which are some of the building blocks of child development. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

More to follow.  



David Krut Bookstore offers school the opportunity to come through to our bookstore. They will have the opportunity to experience our unique bookstore along with being able to talk to a member of out team.

School Visits

Your school be visited by a member of our team. To discuss the various of books that we stock at the bookstore.

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