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By - Dale Wyngaard

Horse-riding Outing in Stanford

This week our Creative Works extra-mural program collaborated with the African Horse Company. We took a small group of children on a horse outing where the guide, Randal, introduced us to the horses and explained the rules when being around horses.


Everyone got a chance to stroke and brush Luc and Pocahontas as well as to sit and ride on horseback.

The horse outings are a huge favourite with the children and our vision is to build these outings into a substantial program where children can interact with the horses on a regular basis. The experience has a wonderful calming effect on an emotional as well as a physical level.

This time even our Creative Works facilitator, Rachel, was brave enough to take a ride on a horse which delighted to the children.

Well done everyone and a special thank you to the African Horse Company and our sponsors, My Red Tea, for making this outing possible.

by Regina Broenner


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