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By - Dale Wyngaard

Visual Art Facilitation at Die Bron Primary

Over the past few weeks we have collaborated with Die Bron Primary school in Stanford, local artists and the Grootbos foundation in facilitating art sessions for the learners at die Bron. The project started with the schools desire to participate at the regional visual arts celebration. The Western Cape education department is having a visual

By - Dale Wyngaard

Claywork in our Early Learning program

A round ball of Earth – Clay work in the Early Learning Environment Once upon a time there was a tiny round ball made from Earth. The ball grew and grew until it could fit into the palm of our hands. That is how we start our clay session – with a story. The children

By - Dale Wyngaard

Satellite Creative Works Johannesburg

On Mandela Day, 18 of July, The David Krut Projects Team and Creative Works representative in Johannesburg Khosi Radebe spent the day at MaiMai Day-care, in Johannesburg CBD. During the visit the children at the day-care were given lunch and cake supplied by Johannesburg Culinary & Pastry School and David Krut Projects. After lunch the children had their faces painted

By - Dale Wyngaard

Paper Crumble Activity at Masakhane Primary

This week our early learners practiced their hand skills by crumbling tissue paper into little balls and creating a picture scene with it. This craft activity enhances dexterity and the use of the tripod fingers in preparation for w riting activities. Thumb, index and middle finger have to work in collaboration with each other to

By - Dale Wyngaard

SCORE Swop Shop – Mandela Day event

The three-day Swop Shop painting event in Stanford was a truly communal effort. This collaboration between youth, community organisations and a collection of local artists set the standard for future celebrations and events. It is clear that Stanford faces challenges and when people come together to work together, it shines a light on how we

By - Dale Wyngaard

July Holiday Program in Stanford

The holidays are a time when we like to offer some special activities for the children who join our creative sessions. During the July holidays our facilitators Tuliswa and Rachel from Stanford planned, prepared and offered some fun activities in the community hall. The kids made art and crafts, sang, danced. The highlight for everyone

By - Dale Wyngaard

Body tracing: Body awareness activities in early learning intervention

Over the past term we used a body tracing activity with the grade R learners who are in our program. The process leads the children from tracing each other’s body outlines to identifying and naming body parts. The activity consists of talking about the functions of our hands arms and legs and then filling the

By - Dale Wyngaard

Children making their own vegetable garden

This week we planted herbs and vegetables at Die Bron Primary to support the feeding scheme that the school is providing for the children. Die Bron kitchen staff have started the vegetable boxes around the kitchen area and we are supporting them in their efforts to provide healthy and nutritious meals for the children. We

By - Dale Wyngaard

Horse-riding Outing in Stanford

This week our Creative Works extra-mural program collaborated with the African Horse Company. We took a small group of children on a horse outing where the guide, Randal, introduced us to the horses and explained the rules when being around horses.   Everyone got a chance to stroke and brush Luc and Pocahontas as well

By - Dale Wyngaard

Exploring colours using soft pastels

Children love messy play. They enjoy playing in sand, mixing water and mud, squishing and squeezing things with their hands and often getting with their whole bodies involved in the process. It is a wonderful delight to observe children exploring the world through their senses and getting in touch with their bodies.   This week we

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