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William Kentridge CD-Rom : cover

Interactive CD-ROM (1997) conceived and edited by David Krut with footage of film and theatre productions, images of artworks and an hour of the artist talking about his work. The CD-ROM contains footage only available on this publication.

Created as an interactive art CD-ROM, this unique digital production is widely used by curators and educators interested in the work of this multi-facetted artist. It was the first major publication on the artist in South Africa and was a collaboration with staff and students at City Varsity, Cape Town. David Krut had been working with the artist for five years, and researched and edited 120 pages of text for the CD-ROM. It contains extensive interactive video including nearly fifteen minutes of video excerpted from the artist’s animated films and films of his theatre productions. Also included: an hour of voice over by the artist with a transcript of such; numerous drawings and prints; texts and reviews by academics and writers; Kentrdge’s own writings and transcripts of lectures.

Even though the medium is no longer state-of the-art, this CD-ROM remains relevant as an important record of the artist’s early work.

This CD-ROM runs on both Windows and MacIntosh systems. Quicktime software is included in the CD-ROM; this needs to be installed to allow the video content to run.

Review by Brenda Atkinson

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