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Virginia MacKenny’s solo exhibition, Foam Along the Waterline, opened at the Irma Stern Gallery in Cape Town on Tuesday 23 September 2008.

The David Krut Publishing: Fine Art & Books team went to enjoy a glass of wine and have the opportunity to talk to the artist about her work on show.

Despite the typical Cape Town winter’s rain falling incessantly throughout the day, there was a wonderful turn-out of people who had come to support MacKenny and admire her beautiful work. This is no surprise as MacKenny’s work is not only mesmerising, but conveys significant messages, which we too often choose to ignore. The show is made up of a number of large oil paintings, which are mesmerising in their dream-like quality. There were also etchings containing small-scale images that appear in the paintings, allowing the editions to stand out as fragments of the broader meanings being woven in the space. The exhibition was opened with a address by the Michaelis School of Fine Art’s Professor Pippa Skotnes, who is clearly a long-standing supporter and has given much thought to MacKenny’s work over time. Skotnes’ delivery touched on the many intricate associative meanings and important ecological and emotional messages that can be found within the huge paintings and delicate etchings, as well as MacKenny’s perennial use of the colour blue.

The David Krut Publishing: Fine Art & Books team felt privileged to be able to share in the happy occasion with MacKenny.

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