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  • 30 Second Architecture
    30 Second Architecture
    R300.00 inc. VAT

    30-Second Architecture presents you with the foundations of architectural knowledge, explaining each idea, no matter how complex, using 300 words and one picture: all easily digested in a spare half minute. Expert authors are challenged to define and describe both the principles upon which architects depend, and the styles with which they put those principles into practice. So, if you want to know your arch from your elevation, and your Baroque from your Byzantine, or you wish to end your next dinner party with a stirring speech on biomimetics, this is the quickest way to construct your argument.

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    Africa! My Africa! An anthology of poems
    R310.00 inc. VAT

    Patricia Schonstein’s personal selection brings together a wide, rich range of poems all held together by a simple yet deep honesty.

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    Heart of Africa! poems of love, loss and longing
    R350.00 inc. VAT

    This is the third collection of poems curated by Patricia Schonstein. Her personal selection brings together a wide, rich range of love poems written by Nobel Laureates, well-established and emerging poets. They express love in all its guises and remind us of poetry’s unique place in the landscape of the human heart.

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    Stanzas – Number 8
    R130.00 inc. VAT

    An open space where poetry matters.

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