Expanded Cinema
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    In a brilliant and far-ranging study, Gene Youngblood traces the evolution of cinematic language to the end of fiction, drama, and realism.

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    The perfect small-format, one-stop resource to appreciating and understanding films from Hollywood to Bollywood.

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    Motion Blur 2: Multidimensional Moving Imagemakers
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    With its pioneering vision, onedotzero champions new forms of moving image, and this book celebrates the next generation of creators who are accelerating the medium into the 21st century, following the success of the first Motion Blur.

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    The Cinema of Steven Soderbergh :Indie Sex , Corporate lies ,and Digital Videotape
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    The industry’s only director-cinematographer-screenwriter-producer-actor-editor, Steven Soderbergh is contemporary Hollywood’s most innovative and prolific filmmaker. A Palme d’or and Academy Award-winner, Soderbergh has directed nearly thirty films, including political provocations, digital experiments, esoteric documentaries, global blockbusters, and a series of atypical genre films.

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    The Cinema of the Dardenne Brothers :Responsible Realism
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    The brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have established an international reputation for their emotionally powerful realist cinema. Inspired by their home turf of Li├Ęge-Seraing, a former industrial hub of French-speaking southern Belgium, they have crafted a series of fiction films that blends acute observation of life on the social margins with moral fables for the postmodern age.

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