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DKW Arts On Main

The success of the Parkwood workshop necessitated that a consecutive workshop had to be opened to accommodate the influx of artists wishing to make use of the printmaking expertise honed by David Krut Arts Resource over the previous years. In 2010 David Krut Arts Resource launched a new state of the art intaglio printmaking facility and bookstore in the industrial part of eastern downtown Johannesburg.

Managed by Jillian Ross, DKW at Arts on Main is a cultural oasis that will provide the heartbeat for the future activities of David Krut Arts Resource.  Within its first year of existence the workshop at Arts on Main has proven to live up to this expectation as is evident by the number of successful collaborations facilitated by Ross.

Already boasting a printers portfolio encompassing works by South African artistic giants like William Kentridge and Deborah Bell, Diane Victor, Stephen Hobbs and Senzo Shabangu to name but a few.


DKW Parkwood

The David Krut Workshop (DKW) in Parkwood was established in 2002, the intention being to establish a collaborative environment on par with the international printmaking studios that David Krut Arts Resource have been dealing with over the past 25 years. Under the guidance of internationally revered master printmakers, the David Krut Workshop on Jan Smuts Avenue soon abounded into the unique intaglio and monotype studio that it is today.

Succeeding the foundations lain down by Hemminghaus, Tim Foulds and Jillian Ross significantly expanded the capacity of the workshop from 2003 onwards. Currently the Parkwood workshop is treated as a studio space for an artist’s residency, specifically for local artists, the most recent being Senzo Shabangu in preparation for is show at the David Krut Projects gallery on Jan Smuts Avenue, in September 2013.

The success of the Parkwood studio necessitated that a consecutive workshop had to be opened to accommodate the influx of artists who collaborate with David Krut Arts Resource. After the inauguration of the Arts on Main Workshop the role of the Parkwood studio significantly changed. Currently the impetus behind the activities at the Parkwood workshop is to create an experimental space where the South African printmaking accent can be developed and refined.

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