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History is many things; to some the past is the ball-and-chain of memory that taints the present with its own reflection and to other it is the legacy that guides how you conduct your journey into what may come. Your history is the sum of factors that constitutes the shape of your being in the present, so consequently it would not be too farfetched a proclamation to say that you are the past.

This state of ‘being’ the past is hence the reason that photojournalism and documentary photographs intermittently leaps from the pages on the newspaper stands into published monographs.  Long after these photographs have divorced itself from the articles it once validated, their purpose changes together with their place in time. Where once they were the visual suppository of the current state of affairs they, over time, move over to become the visual history that makes you who you are today.

David Krut Bookstore is at the forefront of providing the public with books that compile those images of yesteryear that has come to define who South Africa is.

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