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By - Rachel van Blydenstein



Come 10:05AM on a Saturday morning the doors of the Johannesburg Art Gallery greet the first few heat deprived bodies that make their way into the David Krut Bookstore, the same way they did the week before and the week before that. The first class lasts about an hour and a half; this is the visual literacy class. It’s held in the Bookstore and focuses on introducing those in attendance to a vast variety of ideas, concepts and processes surrounding the arts. This class is for the most part a conceptual thinking class, which in most cases means that the class is thematic. The theory based visual literature classes work in random with the various other practical classes which all take place throughout the day. These practical classes include printmaking, drawing and painting classes. An example of how these classes work together can be seen in a project given just last week, the concept of which evolves around the Bafana Bafana National team and the 2010 buzz. This project involves working together on a two meter long scroll, on which the various students transfer their memories, hopes, dreams, woes and disappointments surrounding the team. The theory portion of the project reflected on woodblock prints to Greek scrolls. The practical classes deal with (and continue to address) techniques such as paper-dying, working in unfamiliar mediums such as gauche, ink and brushes and design markers. This project will be an ongoing project which will run until the end of the World Cup and aims at teaching students not only how to work in different mediums but also how to utilise various points of reference such as memory, emotion, the media and the imagination. The Saturday Art Classes run from 10:00AM to 17:00 every Saturday at JAG.

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