By - Dale Wyngaard

Exploring our world through smell and taste

Learning and exploring the world around us through the senses is the main focus in the first term of the year in our Early Learning Program.

Children develop and build up their skills set by interacting with the material, as well as the social and natural world around them. They learn to experience themselves as part of the environment by exploring the world via their senses.

In the past few weeks we have put the focus on the sense of smell and taste. We exposed the children in our programs to different smells which they explored and had to name using their noses to guide them. We experienced the tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter, and the children were internalizing the experience by speaking about it in the group and extending the activity into a different dimension by creating, tearing and pasting collages.

Enhancing children’s sensory experience helps to set the foundation for perception and therefore for further learning.  t also develops the personality and emotional capacity of the young child in a playful and holistic approach.

From the sense of taste and smell we are slowly making the journey into the realm of tactile stimulation. We will explore the world around us through our hands, feet and our skin in the upcoming weeks.

“You can think of sensation as food for the brain; they provide the knowledge needed to direct the body and mind.” Jean Ayres

by Regina Broenner

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