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An Unobtrusive Vice – The debut collection of Tony Ullyatt | Tuesday 20th February 2018 | David Krut Projects – Montabello Design Centre, Newlands 🗓

  Dryad Press and David Krut Projects Cape invite you to join them at the launch of An Unobtrusive Vice, the debut collection of Tony Ullyatt. “Tony Ulyatt is that rare thing: a poet’s poet, but at the same time utterly accessible. His poems are deliciously dense, his...

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The beauty of creating with one’s own hands

We use play dough and clay on a regular basis when working with children. Our aim is always to enhance fine motor skills, specifically hand strength, coordination and dexterity in preparation for writing in school.   Besides all the life skills that the young child can learn from thos...

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Creative Works at the FCW Parents’ Workshop

Play is not a luxury; it is a neccesity. It is is the way children learn. We know that the first years in a child’s life are the most important and crucial. We are setting children up for success if we support them holistically on all levels of their development.   Parents and caregiv...

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