David Krut Bookstores have evolved from small visual art support venues to very busy interactive spaces connected to our art galleries and etching workshops. Having started as the distribution point for our own publications, the TAXI Art Book Series and further titles on South African artists, the bookstores have expanded and offer a very wide range of titles on all aspects of creativity, important non-fiction and definitive knowledge titles.

Titles by South African publishers are a focus and we present a large dedicated selection of books and magazines from around the world promoting careers and creativity. Our unique bookstores specialise in books on art and arts-related subjects, South African culture and politics, as well as biographies, poetry, literature, design, architecture, Johannesburg and other local history, and collectibles.

Our main bookstore at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg is a regular venue for book launches. Arts On Main is our location in downtown Johannesburg. Visiting artists, curators and collectors from all over the world have become familiar with our unique connection of a traditional Etching Studio, Print Workshop, gallery and bookstore with a very communicative team of collaborators wanting to share their knowledge.

We continue to expand our list of childrenโ€™s books by supporting local publishers of books in various national languages, together with an active child literacy outreach program.

We are the distributors for southern Africa of the publications of the TATE Gallery, London and help small independent local publishers and writers.

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